Quartz 2A0

The ultimate scanner for oversized documents

Scanners with line sensors

The combination of very large formats and image quality

The Quartz HD 2A0 scans works of art and large and/or thick documents (with or without a frame) up to 2 x DIN A0/E in color and black and white. With its moveable plate guaranteeing easy manipulation and correct positioning, the Quartz HD 2A0 produces high-resolution scans (up to 1000 x 1000 dpi optical) using a height/resolution sensor, while ensuring the greatest respect for the original works.

The Quartz range meets the highest levels of standards and guidelines for image quality.

key features

Versatile LED lighting system

Quartz is equipped with a unique lighting system, capable of managing reflections for illuminations, scanning highly reflective documents and enhancing reliefs without damage.

Ergonomic plate

Quartz features a motorized platen, control panel and three-sided access configuration to maximize scanning comfort and operator efficiency.

Respectful of artworks

Scan your collections without damage thanks to UV- and IR-free lighting.


Relief enhancement

Glare control system

seconds at 300 dpi (2A0)

seconds at 400 dpi (2A0)

Quartz HD

up to
1800 x 1200 (mm)
(70.8“ x 46.2“)

Scan time
24s at 300 dpi
32s at 400 dpi

Optical resolution
400 x 400 dpi
up to 800 x 800 dpi

on smaller formats

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