Heritage digitization

Protecting and sharing knowledge



The complete digitization solution

Digisolution is the only available solution capable of managing every stage of the digitization process: from image capture, through processing, quality control, enhancement and online publication, to management and supervision of the entire digitization workflow.

To carry out these tasks, Digisolution includes :

  • A wide range of scanners
  • 4 software packages for each stage of the scanning process

Outstanding image quality

International standards

Thanks to its many years of experience, i2S has a high level of expertise in the complete chain of your digitization projects and image quality.

Our experts have been at the heart of the Metamorfoze and FADGI guidelines since 2005, and we offer scanning solutions compatible with the ISO 19264-1 standard.

Scanners and software



Fields of application


As the guardians of a priceless cultural and historical heritage, archives are responsible for collecting, preserving and making available to the public all public institutions (administrations, local authorities, public establishments) and private holdings (companies, trade unions, associations, private individuals, etc.).


Libraries are digitizing their preserved works to provide alternatives to consulting heritage collections, and to offer a range of services: collection search tools, printing, training workshops, and local or remote dissemination of knowledge.

Service providers

Service providers are one of the pillars of digitization projects. Working in partnership with private and public institutions, archives and collection owners, they digitize billions of pages every year.


A growing number of university libraries are digitizing their holdings for a variety of reasons: alternative consultation, access to research tools, printing services, training workshops, educational support and online content distribution.


Museums are the guardians of cultural heritage. Their need for scanners is linked to the challenges of preserving, conserving and disseminating their collections.