The Albertina Museum – Vienna

Digitization of precious objects from the Albertina Art Museum.

Approach & Solution

“We work with a wide variety of objects. The Albertina has books, engravings and works of all sizes. However, we mainly scan prints and newspapers up to DIN A1 format. All objects are unique and very valuable, so we have to take great care when scanning them.”
Interview with Peter Ertl, Head of the Photography Studio at the Albertina Museum Vienna

The art museum used i2S technology by ordering a SupraScan Quartz A1 HD.

i2S scanners made it possible to lay the object flat and simply scan at a perpendicular angle. Eliminate the need for image enhancement and other post-editing work is time consuming, i2S scanning solutions provide significant productivity gains by ensuring instant image quality.

With a large collection of fragile historical books, the Albertina now has solutions integrating book holders taking into account the fragile aspect of old books.

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