National Museum in Prague

The theater department of Prague’s National Museum wanted to digitize a large volume of documents.

Approach & Solution

Today, the museum holds more than 14 million pieces on display in a dozen locations in Prague, including a library and sections dedicated to social history, natural history, art and music. In 2016, the team in charge of digitization tasks in the theater department was looking for a scanner capable of digitizing large volumes of data and transferring it to a storage device. They opted for the CopiBook A2 Cobalt HD 600 scanner.

“I am working with the Copibook scanner and I am very happy with its operation. The Copibook meets our stringent quality standards. And because we often convert data in large volume, another important prerequisite is the speed of uploading data to the storage, and Copibook proves itself up to the task. The device is exceptionally user-friendly, and there is even an option to operate the scanner via a tablet. Calibrating the scanner is very simple, and lighting conditions provided by the scanner are ideal and steady. I am convinced that this is the best scanner on the market for our needs. As a bonus, the scanner has very attractive aesthetics. It lends a professional and dignified presence to the National Museum in our digitization department.”
Director, Department of Theatre, National Museum

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