National library St. Cyril and Methodius

Digitizing and preserving Bulgaria’s rich literary heritage

Approach & Solution

The St. St. Cyril and Methodius National Library is currently the largest public library in Bulgaria and the oldest cultural institution after the country’s liberation, and also houses one of the richest Ottoman archival collections. Today, the National Library collects preserves and provides the entire Bulgarian printed production, draws up an archive of Bulgarian literature and publishes the National Bibliography. It is an ISBN and ISSN center for Bulgaria.

The Library has various collections: collection of manuscripts, old printed, rare and valuable books; the collection of the Bulgarian Historical Archive, a collection of Oriental manuscripts, old printed books and archival documents.

This project was of utmost importance for the National Library as well as for the publishing and library sector because it helped two crucial national tasks for libraries and book stores in the global space to be realized:

  • Creation of digital copies of unique documents from the National Library funds – Slavonic manuscripts from the 14th century; Sigills from Oriental collections; Bulgarian periodicals from the period 1878 – 1940 through the expansion of the library’s existing digital center and the purchase of specialized equipment and software for digitization.
  • To create and develop a National Register of Print Publications (NPRI).

The library has opted for the SupraScan A0 and 2 CopiBook HD.

By the beginning of 2016, a total of 330,000 documents have been scanned and added to the Digital Library (period 1844 1944): manuscripts, old books, unpublished documents from the Bulgarian Historical Archives and the Oriental Department, portraits, images, illustrations, maps, Bulgarian newspapers and magazines.

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