National Library of Finland

One of the National Library’s first projects started in 1998. The library’s Center for Preservation and Digitization wanted to digitize back copies of the Scandinavian newspapers Tiden”.

Approach & Solution

The main objective of the Digitization Center is to digitize a large number of archives and to develop “ocerization”. For i2S, the difficulty lies in the “ocerization” of text with Fraktur Gothic characters.

Today, the Preservation and Digitization Center employs 8 operators and uses 2 SupraScan II scanners.
The project also involved developing ocherization by adding a Gothic alphabet, and integrating a glossary.

“We have fragile collections, and the i2S scanners are perfectly suited to digitizing this type of work”.
Mailis Bremer Laamanen , Director of the Preservation and Digitization Center

Discover other achievements

UIA – The Universal Israelite Alliance

Since 2000, the institution has been digitizing its archives, with the aim of making them accessible to as many people as possible. Today, 13,783 documents (prints, manuscripts, photographs), totalling 330,000 images, as well as audiovisual archives, are available to the general public and researchers.

National Library of France

Because knowledge should be within everyone’s reach, the French National Library has decided to make cultural heritage more accessible to the general public. This is a recognized civic commitment, but one that has reached its limits with the use of photocopiers: old or bound works wear out quickly (face turned over, crushing), with limited ergonomics (you can’t see what’s being reprographed).