Mc Gill University

Mc Gill University was looking for a scanner to digitize medieval manuscripts.

Approach & Solution

Mc Gill University wanted a scanner to digitize rare and fragile collections.

In 2017, the university purchased a SupraScan Quartz A1.
The SupraScan Quartz can digitize from 600 to 1,000 dpi, making it ideal for digitizing sheet music requiring a minimum resolution of 600 dpi to capture the finest detail.

In 2017, only two other Quebec institutions owned a similar machine, the BANQ and the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

“Mc Gill digitized a 600-year-old book 145 leaves or 300 pages of parchment that looks like a Game of Thrones book using the SupraScan QUARTZ”
Greg Houston and Ann Marie Holland of Mc Gil University


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