Library of St-Omer agglomeration

Campaigns to digitize manuscripts and antiquarian books, then enhance and share these collections by setting up a digital library.

Approach & Solution

The Arkhênum company (i2S partner) has carried out various digitization campaigns on old manuscripts and books. They have also set up a digital library to promote and share library documents on the Internet.

The agglomeration library chose to share and promote its collections on the Internet using the LIMB Gallery solution.

The library went online in April 2012. It meets a growing demand for consultation of older documents in the collections. What’s more, thanks to the new interface, which is even more user-friendly and accessible to the public, the library’s documents are available 24/7.

Discover other achievements

National Institute of the History of Art – INHA

To promote exceptional collections, and facilitate consultation and conservation of the works. The INHA Library launched its digitization campaign in 2002 and began to offer an in-service digital library in 2006.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University wanted to digitize large-format, FADGI 4*-compliant documents.