Atria – Institute on gender equality and women’s history

Atria has decided to renew its collection management systems and make them accessible.

Approach & Solution

Atria collects, preserves and documents content on the position of women in all fields, past and present, national and international. The archive includes magazines, articles, photos, videos and interviews on the subject.
The collection management system of Atria had been using until now was running on an old server, so it was time to acquire a new version. As a result, Atria decided to renew its systems and look for the solution that would work best, both for the collection management system and for making the collections accessible.

Atria’s aim is to become an information center on women’s emancipation and history, but also to play a more active role in a network of organizations and information seekers. The search for systems that could effectively contribute to this objective led to the choice of a new, French system: LIMB Gallery.

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