Cantonal Archives of Vaud – Switzerland

The aim of the Vaudois Cantonal Archives was to digitize 150 meters of shelving, ensuring a clear and legible rendering of all the registers without damaging the document bindings.

Approach & Solution

The aim of the Vaud Cantonal Archives was to :

  • Digitize 150 meters of shelving
  • ensure a clear and legible rendering of all registers
  • choose the right products for each type and format of document
  • Do not damage bindings

Two types of scanners were required, each adapted to specific documents and equipped with a book holder, making it easier to scan registers without damaging the bindings: Quartz A1 format scanner & Quartz A0 format scanner.
Our solution is completed by a fully automated metadata image annotation process using our LIMB Processing & LIMB Maestro software.

A digitization workshop has been set up to protect heritage collections, ensuring the preservation of fragile historical documents.

Our “all-in-one” digitization solutions, scanners and LIMB software suite, have enabled us to digitize 2,344 cadastral registers, 4,000 maps of the region of various sizes, up to 10 meters long.

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