Unmatched image quality affordable for all formats

Reprographic system

Productivity and image quality combined

The REPROlab is designed for Archives and adapts to a variety of document formats, from A5 to A2.

Our motorized camera can move to precisely capture every detail, ensuring faithful reproduction of your documents: plans, herbariums and individual sheets.

The system is controlled by LIMB Capture, the capture software developed by i2S. LIMB Capture considerably reduces the time needed for post-production, and with its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, you’ll have all the key features you need to digitize your collections.

Key features

i2S know-how: our image quality

REPROlab is compatible with two cameras: EAGLE and ROCK, so it can be upgraded to meet operators’ needs.

2 configurations available : Classic and Professional

Adjustable LED lighting system ensures lighting perfectly adapted to the scene

The lighting can be used synchronously or independently to digitize different types of document: books, herbaria, maps, illuminations, etc.

LIMB Capture: The most advanced features for your collections

  • Multi-saving frames
  • Automatic calibration in few minutes
  • Calibration module with ICC profile generation on several types of test patterns (SG / FADGI / ColorChecker)
  • Camera control via LIMB Capture
  • Creation of camera positions according to formats and resolutions

make the finest details visible

No moire pattern

second at 400 dpi (Scan time)

seconds at 400 dpi (Cycle time)




From 400 dpi at A2 to 1200 dpi at A5

Lighting system

Two LED lamps with vertical arms

Lights can be swiveled and adjusted in height

> 93

Maximum illuminance in Lx
Approx. 4000




From 600 dpi at A2 to 1800 dpi at A5

Lighting system

Two LED lamps with vertical arms

Lights can be swiveled, adjusted in height and shifted horizontally

> 95

Maximum illuminance in Lx
Approx. 4000

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